Audio Return?

2010-05-08 03:12:29 by bkrock

I might be returning to Fruity Loops with a fresh start. Might be coming out with a few small musical endeavors soon.

A world... saved by a Bat. Left for dead and forgotten, our hero must battle across multiple worlds in order to save his own.

Interested in programming? Let me know.

Still looking for that programmer

2009-10-15 13:38:15 by bkrock

Serious business fellas, we're in need of an experienced programmer who's willing to handle all the fame this game will bring. And not just a programmer, we need a solid team to take make this happen.

If you're interested, let me know.

Looking for a programmer and artist for what will be the biggest game Newgrounds has seen. We're looking for people who know their shit, only the best.

A Poem of Conversion - Storybook

2009-04-20 15:09:03 by bkrock

This is a poem I wrote for the storybook project. I hope that it's sufficient to what is needed and I think it'd be absolutely wonderful to see this happen.


It was a long ways ago
Not too far off if I recall
That a young boy named Jimmy
Began his fall

From the skies, no
But Grace, my dear friend
Where innocence was privy
Sins soon began to blend

It started one night
Jimmy asleep in his room
A rustling in the trash
What was it? A racoon?

Dressed for a fight
Armed with his bat
He left the room with a dash
Sound: a soft pitter pat

The stairs they creaked
As he made his decent
If only Jimmy had known
His choice he'd have repent

The trash, it reeked
Then a noise, from his left
A monster full grown!
His heart caught in his chest

His palms grew with sweat
The monster flashed a grin
His gripped turned to steal
And it lunged at him!

No, now he never can forget
Eyes in terror as he missed
How his soul became a meal
And his pants became pissed

The beast dined for hours
Jimmy writhing in fear
His heart grew black
As the daylight appeared

Now with the best of his powers
His malicious gaze
All his friends he would attack
For the next couple days

I knew he'd disappear
Word is he wandered of alone
Now he prowls the night
With his heart to stone

If you should hear
A rustling, a moan
Beware that some bites
Cut deeper than the bone


2008-07-31 03:01:47 by bkrock

I hope to one day actually make something that doesn't suck. But due to lack of knowledge with the program I am using, that might take awhile. The two music things I have up at the moment can be called utter shit.

Hopefully one day I'll be able to say otherwise.